7.12.: eve's JEWEL Gift Guide

12/7: eve's JEWEL Gift Guide

The ultimate eve's JEWEL XMAS gift guide!

The cosiest and most beautiful time of the year is just around the corner and with it the time to surprise our loved ones (and us!) with the perfect gift.

Nothing is more beautiful than the beaming face of a loved one unwrapping their presents at Christmas. Are you still looking for the right gift? After a glamorous, glittering accessory for Christmas Eve, a ring for your girlfriend, the perfect pair of earrings for your sister or a personal piece of jewelry with meaning? It doesn't matter who is to receive the gift: high-quality jewelery brings the splendor of Christmas home and gives joy long after that!

Finding the perfect gift is easy with our gift guide, because we have the right gift for every person and every budget!

Sparkling little things with meaning

Glittering charms, sparkling necklaces Would you rather have a secret message of love engraved on one of our pendants? Surprise your loved ones with a piece of jewelry with a personal meaning!

Special pieces of jewelery for special people

With our birth flower or birth gemstone pendants, you are guaranteed to make faces smile at Christmas! A personalized name or date necklace is also a unique piece of jewelry for a very special person.

Signature pieces and new favorite pieces

From vintage-inspired heirlooms to unusual statement pieces - here you will find everything that makes every fashionista's heart beat faster!

Luxurious pieces of jewelery for eternity

Our luxurious pieces of jewelery are ideal for everyone who likes things to be flashy and classy! Whether it's a cool unisex necklace for your boyfriend or luxurious real gold jewelery for mom - we've got you covered!