Embrace Your Female Power

Embrace Your Feminine Power

March 8th is International Women's Day . A day to draw attention to women's rights, gender equality and existing discrimination worldwide.
We took this special day as an occasion for a heart campaign, namely our Femme Collection . The design of the silhouette-shaped pieces of jewelry was inspired by women we know, love and are ourselves.

Our Femme Collection stands for Female Empowerment & Body Gratitude , because we want to pass on the message with the handmade unique pieces that every woman should know and appreciate her unique value. We also wanted our five muses, who accompany us through the current campaign and who are also true power women, to have their say and asked them to share their thoughts on the subject of Female Empowerment & Body Gratitude with us.

With our campaign we want to convey that in a time when we are surrounded by supposedly flawless and flaunted bodies on social media, every woman's body is an individual wonder and beautiful in its own way. Our Femme Collection is the epitome of Body Gratitude & Body Positivity and of course we also wanted to know from our 5 muses how they define and live out these terms!

Sandra feels comfortable in her own skin and always tries to convey this through her self-confident appearance. It is important to her to accept oneself as one is, with all its flaws, because that is what makes us individual and particularly lovable beings. The statement "Nobody is you and that is your power" is, so to speak, Sandra's motto when it comes to living out body gratitude. In addition, the term means to be grateful for them, for the masterpieces that the female body in particular achieves.

Loving yourself, finding yourself beautiful and accepting yourself the way you are can sometimes be quite difficult and is often related to the mood of the day. And yet we should be aware every day that self-love is irreplaceable for a happy and fulfilling life.

Alaa , for example, likes it when she smiles and especially loves her bright eyes. Our muse Gina loves her character that she is confident and stubborn and doesn't listen when she feels like others are trying to tell her something. Aisha tells us that she finds her friendly and courteous manner to be a strength that she values ​​very much.
All beautiful answers when it comes to emphasizing something we love about ourselves, we think.

When was the last time you thought about what you love about yourself? If you don't know the answer to this question, we recommend that you take time for yourself, do something good for yourself, something you enjoy doing in your ego time, and write down which character traits you particularly like about yourself and yours Observing thoughts or learning to avoid negative thoughts about one's own self.
It also helps to consciously think about where you want to develop or what qualities you would like to possess in order to be able to work on it. Or to envisage an approachable role model from whom one can learn and on which one can orientate oneself.

For Aisha , like for many of us, her mom is her biggest role model. Because every mom is just a wonder woman who you like to look up to, who you admire and you secretly hope to be like her one day - with all her knowledge and experience.

Finally, we wanted to know how our muses imagine female empowerment . Because that is what our Femme Collection stands for:

Gina essentially summarizes what female empowerment is all about, namely equality, autonomy and for her it is important that women can confidently stand up for what they are, what makes them special and what they have achieved.

Melanie also gives us a message on the subject of female empowerment that carries a nice final message that needs to be internalized, namely that women should support and encourage each other instead of seeing each other as competition.

Our Femme Collection stands for all these beautiful thoughts regarding Female Empowerment & Body Gratitude.
We would also like to emphasize that the wearer of our silhouette-shaped jewelry sets a sign of self-love and encouragement for other women.

And with that in mind, let's celebrate women! On March 8 - International Women's Day!

Here you will find our Femme Collection

Connected in a meaningful way, connected by a symbol of empowerment, connected with other Wonderwomen around the world!