Introducing - Gems of nature Collection

Introducing - Gems of nature Collection

Dive into our new summer collection with us!

The uniqueness of nature is fascinating. Pure beauty can be found everywhere as it has many treasures to offer. The colours, shapes and materials reminded us of the complexity but still a certain simplicity. We would also like to remember this. When everything was a little easier and slower and every moment could be consciously enjoyed.

We also want to reflect this in our summer collection. The different facets of nature that we have built into our collection should convey lightness, fun and closeness to nature, but still keep up with the times. The jewelry is feminine and playful with cool details that make it edgy. The summery freshness and the colors of nature always remain in the foreground. The collection consists of 50 timeless pieces of jewelry made mainly from recycled 925 silver, high-quality gemstones and freshwater pearls.

With the unique gemstones, we would like to underline the closeness to nature and the aspect of mindfulness in the collection, since the stones were already assigned different powers in ancient times. Whether you believe in it or not is up to you. However, they definitely give every look a summery and fresh touch. The different nuances of the sea are represented by lapis lazuli and freshwater pearls. The color scale of the ocean ranges from petrol, azure, deep turquoise to soft sea green, all of which can be found in our summer collection. Inspired by the iridescent surface of the water, our Maui rings give us the feeling of a beautiful summer day at the beach simply enjoying the moment and listening to the sound of the sea.

The gems in our collection and their effects:

Lapis Lazuli

The magnificent lapis lazuli features very often in Egyptian history. The blue gemstone was already being made into jewelery back then and worn as rings, bracelets or necklaces. The special thing about these stones are the beautifully shimmering golden stripes in combination with blue. Therefore, it looks very noble and was then only worn by noble people.


Lapis lazuli is said to give the wearer self-confidence and courage.

He also helps in the realization of dreams and ambitions. Lapis lazuli is also known as a lucky stone, no matter what aspect of life.


The green color of peridot is reminiscent of the colors of our beautiful planet. It is a light shade of green that can be found in nature. Like lapis lazuli, peridot was already known to the ancient Egyptians. Some even claim that Cleopatra's emerald collection was actually peridot stones.


The peridot was also used as a lucky talisman and has a very calming effect. It is said to bring luck and love. It also heals the body and promotes health.

Green Agate

In ancient times, agate was a very popular gem and healing stone. The gemstone was first discovered in the Achates River in Sicily, from which it owes its name. In ancient Rome, too, people believed in the powers of agate


Due to its harmonizing energy, the green agate was assigned the effect of balance, protection and wealth. It has a very calming and soothing effect.


Jade is one of the most famous gemstones. It is said to have a deep healing effect.


Jade brings harmony in relationships and in our emotional world. It helps its wearer to open her heart and protects at the same time. He is the healing stone for harmony and balance.

freshwater pearl

The pearl - It is the symbol of beauty, femininity and luxury and one of the oldest pieces of jewelry known to mankind. Their origin is on the coast of Sri Lanka.


The pearl is magical and mysterious. In many myths, pearls were often associated with tears. But it was also a symbol of wealth, wisdom, dignity and love.