Mutig und verspielt: Die Mystic Legend Collection by Alexandra Coveos

Bold and playful: The Mystic Legend Collection by Alexandra Coveos

Together with the Viennese blogger Alexandra Coveos we designed a 13-piece limited collection, which is inspired by summer, Greek mythology and important, personal symbols for Alexandra. We spoke to her about the creation, the symbols and their meaning for the " Mystic Legend Collection by Alexandra Coveos ".

After Alexandra received an eve's JEWEL piece of jewelery from her mother for her birthday a few years ago, she was smitten and from then on she was no longer seen without her daily companion piece. We at eve's JEWEL are always on the lookout for eve's babes that reflect our brand philosophy and that's how the first cooperation came about. It quickly became clear: the chemistry is right! After Alex's father was a jeweler, her enthusiasm for jewelery was inherited, so to speak. The path to our own collection then followed itself and now the day has come when we can proudly launch the 13 summery unique pieces together with Alexandra Coveos and present them to our eve's community.

When designing the pieces of jewelry, it was important to Alexandra to create extraordinary pieces of jewelry, which have become something special with great attention to detail. "Bold, playful and unique" is how Alexandra describes her collection in three words, true to the motto "a lot, but not too much"!
Because Alexandra herself prefers statement pieces, without a doubt this style runs through the Mystic Legend Collection.
The heart of the collection is the Medusa medallion. As a half-Greek, it stands to reason that Alexandra is a fan of Greek mythology. She is particularly fascinated by the myth of Medusa, which is why it was designed as a key piece in the form of a medallion. In addition, Alexandra accompanies Medusa on all her paths as a tattoo on her upper arm. The back of the Medusa medallion features an intertwined snake, symbolizing renewal and the creative power of the earth.

As an absolute summer person, Alexandra loves the sun, the beach and everything that reminds of summer. Alexandra feels at home and cozy by the sea, which is obvious if you were born near the sea and have been able to breathe the fresh air of the ocean since childhood. Images that pop up in her head when she thinks about the jewelry from her own collection are the perfect summer evening: In a white, light summer dress, adorned with all the essentials of the Mystic Legend Collection, sitting on the beach and watching the sunset to the soft music listening and surrounded by loved ones.

Alexandra associates the yin yang ring with many aspects of life, such as interpersonal relationships. The Viennese woman with Greek roots tells us about her best friend and draws a bow to her deep friendship with her because of their different characters and opposites, which attract and harmonize perfectly. While Alexandra describes herself as the wild, boisterous, often unreasonable person, her best friend is the thoughtful, cautious, considered part of the duo.

Alexandra was also keen to include the bee in her designs as she sees it as a symbol of life without which we could not exist. The result is the honey ring, an indispensable one-of-a-kind piece that looks great on its own as well as in combination with the mysterious Persephone ring, as it gives the look a mystical touch with its deep black onyx stone.

Without jewelry, Alexandra now feels naked and she prefers to combine all the pieces at once! Her everyday must-have is a harmoniously coordinated necklace layering look. A delicate pearl necklace, like our Lulu necklace, perfectly complements the delicately shimmering Athens necklace and the Medusa necklace.
Since Alexandra's ears have nine pierced ears, it's easy for her to wear many earrings and ear studs at once. She also likes to wear the small shell ear studs as piercings in the upper ear holes and this creates a real earring party.
Her favorite look, which Alexandra can also recommend for all wild, cheeky and at the same time playful wearers of her jewelry, is a simple outfit, for example an oversized jean with a T-shirt, chunky boots and lots of bling bling.

We hope you enjoy browsing through the mystical and Greek-inspired pieces of jewelry in the " Mystic Legend Collection by Alexandra Coveos " and have fun creating your own chunky look!