How to combine charms & huggies

How to combine charms & huggies

You love earrings - even a statement ear candy look and feel almost naked without earrings, but don't want to routinely resort to the same simple, golden hoop earrings?

Then we have ideas here on how you can give your ears a festive touch, in no time at all and using the modular system. Namely with huggies (the smaller version of hoops) and charms. Means: You can change the pendants on your earrings and combine them as you wish.

We have picked up a few Christmas Huggies & Charms looks for you that can help add more variety to your jewelry ritual during the Advent season.

The classic vintage look

When, if not during the most beautiful time of the year, is it time for sparkling pieces of jewelery that also look a little like heirlooms or antique treasures? Our model wears the Heirloom Huggie and combines it with the Pavé White Earcuff and the Three Tiny Flowers Piercing .

The simple look with a playful touch

We advise fans of less glittering but cheeky pieces of jewelery to reach for classics such as golden hoop earrings. The basic look can then be spiced up with playful charms . Our model wears the Mariola Hoops in the first ear hole and combines them with the Happy Face Huggie as an eye-catcher and break in style in the second ear hole. The Pavé White Earcuff and the Bold Plain Earcuff complete the look!

The ultimate bling bling look

If you are brave enough, you can go for the all-over bling bling look and compete with the Christmas tree to shine!
Our model wears the Kamala Huggies in the first ear hole and combines them with the Heirloom Garnet Huggie , the Baby Crystal Huggie . The Starlit Sky Earcuff completes your shiny XMAS look.

The mystical look

Through the choice of their jewelry, mystical ladies usually convey messages or other meanings that are personal to them. If you use several charms at the same time, you can choose a simple earring model as a basis. Our model combines our Makarna Hoops with the Croco Huggies in the second ear hole with the Moon Charm and wears the Mini Croco Huggie in the third ear hole with the Little Star Charm .

Have fun creating your own XMAS Earcandy look!