You’re gold baby, solid gold!

You're gold baby, solid gold!

Precious, luxurious, durable - these are the qualities associated with gold, which, along with silver and platinum, is one of the most valuable precious metals.

Gold is culturally highly regarded and has a long history of use as jewelry. To this day, gold jewelery is associated with something incomparably valuable. This also has to do with the complex processing of gold, which is mined in mines and rivers around the world. Since sustainable and resource-saving extraction of our precious metals is important to us, we use 100% recycled scrap gold .

In addition to their beauty, it is above all their special properties that make gold jewelery luxurious companions for every day:

Water resistant
Whether in the shower, in the sea or on a wellness day in the sauna - our jewelery made of 14K solid gold will accompany you every day and for a lifetime!

Our pieces of jewelry are made of 585 yellow gold. Because gold is harder than silver, it is even more resilient and robust.

The noble and beautiful gold color lasts a lifetime - this makes our jewelery made of 14K solid gold valuable companions and keepsakes.

Differences in gold jewelry
Gold is a precious metal that is characterized by its high resilience. By alloying, i.e. fusing, with other metals, the gold acquires a certain hardness and can thus be processed better.

In the jewelry sector, 585 yellow gold in particular has proven itself and is often referred to as 14 carat gold. The karat is the weight percentage of pure gold in a gold alloy. The highest carat grade is 24K and represents pure gold. 14K gold means 58.5% gold. Due to the high gold content, 14-carat gold is particularly easy to process and is considered to be particularly stable and of high quality.

In addition to yellow gold, the most common gold colors are red and white gold. Depending on the desired color, copper and silver are added to the pure gold and the metals are fused together. Depending on the mixing ratio, the jewelery appears redder or silverier.

Storage and care of 14K solid gold
Jewelry boxes or cases lined with velvet or fabric are ideal for storing gold jewelry. Your gold treasures also prefer dark and cool storage, so jewelry stands or ring holders are unsuitable for permanent storage, especially in the bathroom. Contact between multiple pieces of jewelry should be avoided as this can cause chemical reactions and lead to discoloration.

If your gold jewelery starts to look a little dull over time, you can use a few simple tricks to restore your treasures to their original shine.

Deposits can be caused by dirt, dust, soap, creams, cosmetics or body fat, for example, and are not a concern. Simple household remedies can often help, buying your own gold cleaning cloths for cleaning is often not necessary at all:

  • Minor deposits can be removed with detergent or mild soap and lukewarm water. It is best to place the jewelery in the mixture for 15 minutes and then clean it with a soft toothbrush and finally polish it with a soft cloth.
  • Another insider tip for cleaning is commercial toothpaste (important: without abrasive particles, as these could scratch the gold), which can be applied to the piece of jewelry using a soft brush and gentle pressure.
  • Baking powder is suitable for tarnished jewelry, which is sprinkled on a soft cloth and the piece of jewelry is cleaned with it.
  • Half an onion can do wonders to make your gold jewelry shine again. Simply cut an onion in half and rub it into the jewelry. After a two-hour exposure time, you can wash off the piece of jewelry with water and polish it up.

Tip : Real gold jewelery with precious stones or pearls is much more sensitive and needs more attention when caring for it. Since gemstones can react to detergents or chemical products, it is generally advisable to take them off when showering, bathing or rinsing off. To avoid reactions, we advise you to only clean them with lukewarm water.

If you pay attention to these tips, your pieces of jewelery made of real gold can accompany you for eternity, because gold jewelery stands for beauty that is everlasting, is timeless and an investment for life!

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