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Create exciting details in your look with sparkling eye-catchers on your ears!

Create exciting details in your look with sparkling eye-catchers on your ears!

Eye-catcher on the ear: piercing jewelry from eve's JEWEL

Whether helix, daith or tragus: wear our shimmering piercings as you like it best and ensure a sparkling eye-catcher in your ear candy look.

Ear piercing jewellery: The most beautiful piercings and the coolest types of ear piercing

Sparkling and unique: With piercings from eve's JEWEL you can create individual looks and buy jewelery that is as unique as your style. One ear piercing is not enough for you? We understand! Whether helix, snug or conch: no matter what you like, our piercings can be worn in different places on the ear.

  • Lobe Love: Lobe Piercing The classic ear piercing that many of us get pierced as children is called a lobe. Depending on the size of your earlobe, you can have several lobes pierced next to each other. This is currently one of the most popular ways to implement the ear candy trend...
  • Hello Helix: Helix piercing After the lobe, the helix is ​​the most popular ear piercing. It is pierced through the cartilage at the top of the ear and flashes cheekily and cutely when you tuck your hair behind your ear.
  • Cute Conch: Conch Piercing With the conch, the ear hole is pierced in the hollow of the auricle. Anyone who takes this hurdle creates a small stage for exciting looks. Because this place offers plenty of space for large rings and eye-catching studs that will draw everyone's attention to you.
  • Sweet Snug: Snug Piercing Although the snug piercing looks stunning, it is not possible for every wearer. It all depends on how pronounced the inner cartilage curvature on the ear is. But if it can be pierced, it's the perfect place for bright jewellery.
  • Cuff Love: Ear Cuff Do you want to follow the current trend pain-free? Then don't pierce your ears! With radiant ear cuffs from eve's JEWEL, your curated ear will also look great ♡