About eve's JEWEL

Eve, the jewelry designer, had a passion for special jewelry from an early age. You could say it runs in the family, because the Viennese woman with Aramaic roots grew up in an environment that literally put this passion in her cradle. She quickly discovered her talent in her uncle's goldsmith's workshop and learned the first steps in the jewelry trade. It was only a matter of time before Eve founded her own jewelry label after her studies. Almost two years ago the time had come: eve's JEWEL was born. Together with her uncle, she is always working on innovative creations and improving quality. The production takes place in a small manufactory, in which sustainability and a social and responsible way of working are particularly important.

Jewellery, material & care

eve's JEWEL works with recycled, high-quality 925 sterling silver, which is plated with rhodium. The gold or rose gold alloy of the jewelry is created by massive 18 carat gold plating with a gold plating thickness of 1.5 - 3 microns. This means that the pieces of jewelry are also immersed in a micron bath after gilding and, with adequate handling and proper care and storage, have a long service life and retain their shine for a long time. In addition to our 925 sterling silver jewelry, we also offer a 14k solid gold collection. Our recycled 14 carat solid gold is particularly high-quality and durable, so not only will you enjoy it for a long time, but you can also pass it on to the next generation. Our designs are rounded off with freshwater pearls, gemstones or zirconia stones, all of which are lovingly inserted into the unique pieces by hand. Worn coatings are perfectly normal as they are natural characteristics of precious metals. It is therefore important to follow our care tips so that you can enjoy our jewelery for a long time.

Yes, we only use hypoallergenic materials, i.e. all our jewelry is hypoallergenic and nickel-free, which is why there is no skin irritation. So you don't have to worry about wearing our unique pieces if you have sensitive skin.

Our pieces of jewelry have a high-quality 18-carat gold plating and are also micron gold-plated, which means that the shine is retained for a very long time with good storage and care. If you wear your favorite pieces of jewelry every day, small scratches can occur through use. Please remember that it is natural. Of course it's not a problem if you wash your hands with the rings on your fingers from time to time, but you shouldn't overuse the jewelry and shower too often with it, go swimming in salty sea water or chlorinated water or go to the sauna. You should also be careful with body lotions that contain a lot of oil or fat or aggressive shower gels. The respective pH value of your own skin is also decisive for the material, how the pieces of jewelery tolerate it and react to it. We therefore recommend removing the jewelery when washing your hands, bathing, showering, doing housework and doing sports. If you follow our tips and take good care of the pieces of jewelry, you will enjoy our unique pieces for a long time.

Anyone who wears our pieces of jewelry day in and day out should take proper care of them so that the alloy shines like it did on the first day. It is best if you buy a good silver cleaning cloth (available in selected drugstores or from a jeweler) and use it to polish your jewelry from time to time. You can also place your jewelry in a water bath with mild detergent and then gently clean it with a cloth or toothbrush.

To ensure that the silver shine of your piece of jewelry is preserved indefinitely, it is coated with a layer of rhodium. Rhodium coatings are very robust and ensure that your piece of jewelry is protected from corrosion, does not get a gray haze, i.e. tarnishes and also protects it from abrasion.

Product related questions

A choker can be thought of as a necklace worn shorter, with a specific length. An eve's JEWEL choker measures 30 cm and has an extension piece of 8 cm, with which the length can be individually adjusted around the neck.
In contrast, our chains normally measure 40 cm with a 5 cm extender. We also offer many chains in our range in other lengths, this is always noted in the product description. Our chain length guide will help you find your perfect length.

Our charms are available as pendants for earrings as well as for necklaces. This means that we have different earrings and huggies in our range, onto which our charms can be threaded and worn together.

The difference is the eyelet. This is attached in such a way that the charm can be seen frontally when worn on one of our earrings. The eyelets on the pendants for our necklaces are attached to the side so that the charm can be slid back and forth on your necklace. Charms for earrings and charms for necklaces can be found in different product categories.

Since we would like to focus our resources on the production of our unique eve's JEWEL pieces and new collections and the production of pieces of jewelery according to the wishes of our customers would exhaust our capacities, we have to refrain from custom-made products of any kind with a heavy heart.

Personalized jewelry includes: 14k solid gold, engraved jewelry, name necklaces, arm and ankle chains, and birthstone rings.

to my order

A personalized piece of jewelery will only be made for you after the order has been received. The production and delivery time is about 4-6 weeks . We try to keep the waiting time for you as short as possible.

If you have ordered personalized jewelry, please note that we have a production and delivery time of 4-6 weeks. Personalized jewelry includes engraved jewelry, name necklaces, birthstone rings and solid 14k gold. If your order also includes pieces of jewelry from the regular range, your order will only be sent when all pieces of jewelry have been made to save resources. If you need part of the order earlier, we can offer you a partial delivery. We would calculate the shipping costs (depending on the destination country) for the second delivery again. Please contact our Customer Service Team.

With some pieces of jewelery we can hardly wait to launch them ourselves, although it is the case that certain products are still being fine-tuned in the manufactory and are not yet in stock. You can see this from the pre-order status in the product description, which also tells you when you can expect your unique item to be delivered.
Please note: If you choose the Klarna payment method and the delivery date is after the 14-day payment period for your invoice, you should consider choosing a different payment method or paying the amount to Klarna before receiving your goods.

Changing your order, for example adding another piece of jewelry or changing the alloy, is still possible within 12 hours of placing your order. Cancellation is possible within 1 hour. Unfortunately, for logistical reasons, it is no longer possible to cancel your order once it has entered our shop system. We ask for your understanding. Please send us an email with your request to office@evesjewel.com as soon as possible.

Should your package be sent back to us, we charge a fee of €5.01 for packages from Austria and €20.01 for all other packages that are not collected/received within the specified time or are returned due to an incomplete address. The fee is the actual cost of shipping, return, and handling.

Guarantee, Exchange & Return

Within the 6-month guarantee period, we will repair all eve's JEWEL pieces of jewelery free of charge if the damage is due to normal use in everyday handling (e.g. lost gemstones, broken necklaces, worn coating). After the warranty has expired, you will be billed for the repair or re-gilding. If you would like to use our repair service, please email us at office@evesjewel.com and attach a photo of your faulty/damaged piece of jewellery.

As a service, we offer our customers a repair of our eve's JEWEL pieces of jewelry so that they can wear them with pride and joy again. It is best to send us an email to office@evesjewel.com in advance and let us know about your request.

After you have received feedback from us, you can send your damaged piece of jewelry back to us, well packaged (preferably in a small air-cushioned envelope so that it arrives intact). If you put a small note in the package with your name and a request for repair, we can process your order faster. Upon receipt, we will send your piece of jewelery to our manufactory, where it will receive an all-round service and we will send it back to you after completion. Please note that a repair service can take up to 8 weeks!

Address for returns: eve's JEWEL GmbH
Gumpendorfer Strasse 76 / 2-3
1060 Vienna

If you do not like a piece of jewelry from your order as expected and you would like to choose a different piece of jewelry instead or maybe you ordered something in the wrong alloy/size, we are happy to exchange the jewelry for you. It is best to fill out our exchange form in advance and let us know about your exchange request.
After you have received feedback from us, you can send the jewelry back to us well packaged (preferably in the original packaging or in an air-cushioned envelope so that it arrives safely). If you put a small note in the package with your order number and a request for an exchange, we can process your order faster.

Please note that products from the SALE range cannot be exchanged.

Address for return shipment:
eve's JEWEL GmbH
Gumpendorfer Strasse 76 / 2-3
1060 Vienna

Before you send the jewelry back to us, you can of course consider whether you want to choose something else from our online shop and arrange for an exchange. If you are sure that you do not want to keep the jewelry, please send it well packaged and in the original packaging with the completed cancellation form ( to download ) back to our address.
A return transfer can only be arranged for items that are returned to us in perfect condition and without any signs of use.

Please note that products from the SALE range are excluded from the right of return.
Please also consider that for orders whose value is below the minimum order value, the calculated shipping costs will be charged to the customer in the event of a return.

Address for return shipment:
eve's JEWEL GmbH
Gumpendorfer Strasse 76 / 2-3
1060 Vienna

If you have any further questions, please email us at office@evesjewel.com .

Unfortunately, we do not offer return labels, as we are a traditional Viennese jewelry label and not a large mail order company, which means that the shipping costs for returns or exchange packages are to be borne by our customers themselves. It would go beyond our financial framework if we would cover all shipping costs for returns from our customers. I hope you understand that.

The shipping costs for returns or exchange packages are to be borne by our customers themselves. It would go beyond our financial framework if we would cover all shipping costs for returns from our customers. I hope you understand that.

We cannot accept packages sent by “recipient pays shipping” and they will be automatically returned to the sender.

Packages that are returned to us due to address errors or not being picked up in the post office will be charged a fee that must be borne by the customer.

After receiving your return package, the return or exchange processing can take up to 10-14 working days.


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