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eve's JEWEL stands for high quality and individuality in processing. Each of our 925 sterling silver pieces of jewelery is manufactured in a sustainable and precise manual work in our family jewelery manufactory. In addition to the qualitative 3 micron surface refinement, high-quality freshwater pearls and zirconia stones are used, which are all inserted into the piece of jewelery by hand. We only use hypoallergenic materials, i.e. our pieces of jewelery are nickel-free, which means that there is no skin irritation.

14 K solid gold is the highest quality and noblest form of metal that we use for our jewelry. In addition to the solid gold jewelry, our collection consists mainly of high-quality 925 sterling silver. The gold and metallic accents of the jewelry are created by massive 18-carat gold plating or rhodium plating. The pieces of jewelery are only gilded with a 3 micron gold plating thickness, which is why the products can last for years with adequate handling and good care without losing their shine or gilding. Since each piece of jewelry is handmade, minimal deviations and irregularities can arise.


Your eve's JEWEL piece of jewelry will sparkle for a very long time with the help of a few tricks!
If necessary, the surface should be polished with a silver cleaning cloth. Silver jewelery oxidizes when it comes into contact with air - so you should wear your piece of jewelery as often as possible and store it in a dry room. Our included jewelry box and matching velvet pouch are ideal for storage. To avoid scratches, several pieces of jewelry should not be packed in one bag.
The piece of jewelry should always be removed for sports, showering, at night, sunbathing or doing housework. Contact with cosmetics, body care products, perfume or cleaning agents will damage the surface of the piece of jewelry over time. Impacts lead to dents and scratches because the precious metal is soft in its component. Also protect your jewelry from fumes, grease and oils - especially pearl jewelry. How quickly or slowly your jewelry wears out can also depend, for example, on the pH value of your skin and the type of jewelry care.

It should also be said that silver is an organic metal. If you wear your jewelry day in and day out and they accompany you on your way for years, then consider that it is natural that the plating wears off or a scratch could occur. It is therefore important to follow our care tips and to care for our jewelery with a good silver cleaning cloth from time to time.

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We hope you enjoy your eve's JEWEL!