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Inherited love for the beautiful.

It was only a matter of time before Eve founded her own jewelry label after her studies. A little over four years ago the time had come: eve's JEWEL was born. Together with her uncle she worked on her first drafts, idea after idea arose and finally she developed her first collection over a period of months. To this day, they are constantly working on innovative creations and improving quality, which is why eve's JEWEL jewelery has a particularly long lifespan.

Lovingly crafted just for you.

925 sterling silver carefully refined.

18k yellow gold

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As individual as you.

With the numerous designs that eve's JEWEL has ready for its wearers, layering necklaces takes on a new meaning and nothing stands in the way of stacking rings. In this way, a new look can be created every day to underline your own personality. eve's JEWEL also stands for individual and personalized pieces of jewelery with her name, so that every woman can hold her personal unique piece in her hands. Because life is too short not to shine with special jewelry!

Love, support and #choosehandmade

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