24-days Challenge

24-day challenge

Mindfulness tips for a contemplative Advent

It's finally that time again: The Christmas season begins with all its beautiful sides, from the wonderful Christmas delicacies to the annual Christmas songs (whether you love it or hate it, that's an open question), which are supposed to get you in the Christmas spirit. We all know that this special time of year also has its pitfalls and causes us stress every year when it comes to getting beautiful gifts that are suitable for the person and, ideally, personal...

That's why we have a "24-day challenge" for you with mindfulness tips and small tasks that will help you to focus more on yourself and on the meaning of the Advent season.

  • December 1:
    Grab a pen and paper and start drawing a picture - you will see how meditative it can be!
  • 2. December:
    Make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy it in a quiet place in silence.
  • 3rd of December:
    Take time today to get at least 30 minutes in the fresh air and clear your head after a busy week.
  • December 4:
    take a nap It doesn't matter when and how long - you'll see, afterwards you'll feel much fresher!
  • December 5:
    Treat yourself to a hot bath and relax in the tub while reading or listening to music.
  • 6th of December:
    Dance exuberantly and without shyness to your favorite song through the apartment.
  • December 7:
    Think about whose voice you haven't heard in a long time and surprise the person with a phone call.
  • December 8:
    Sit by the window for 10 minutes and see what you can observe and perceive.
  • 9th of December:
    Make a list and write down at least 5 things you like about yourself.
  • 10th of December:
    Walk down the street with your eyes wide open and smile at at least 3 strangers as they pass by.
  • 11th December:
    Power yourself up for at least 10 minutes today and recharge your batteries (e.g. jumping rope, push-ups, etc.)
  • 12th of December:
    Treat yourself or a loved one to your favorite meal today.
  • 13th December:
    Take the time and write a letter to your youthful self.
  • December 14:
    Treat yourself to a little something that makes you happy!
  • 15th December:
    Treat yourself to your favorite candy today in celebration of Midweek Day.
  • December 16:
    Make a list and write down at least 3 things you are grateful for today.
  • December 17:
    Consciously say “no” today to something that you would normally not say no to, even if you don't feel like it.
  • December 18:
    Write down 3 big goals for the coming year today.
  • 19. December:
    Start the day with a little meditation session or a relaxing yoga session.
  • 20th of December:
    Today, listen to an episode of a new podcast that you've been interested in for a while but never found time for.
  • 21st December:
    Try to give a sincere compliment to every loved one around you today.
  • December 22:
    Do something creative today: crochet, knit, craft, paint etc.
  • 23rd of December:
    Go to bed early today and give your body at least 8 hours of restful sleep.
  • 24th of December:
    Tell someone who means a lot to you that it's nice that they exist and that they are part of your life.

We hope you enjoy completing your daily Advent tasks! ;-)