How To Travel with our Jewellery Travel Case

How To Travel with our Jewelery Travel Case

Our limited edition, handmade Jewelery Travel Case made of soft real leather is the perfect must-have for storing your eve's jewelery when you travel. It doesn't matter whether you decide on your everyday essentials or prefer to take your own jewelry set with you for every outfit, our case offers space for all your treasures and thanks to the soft suede leather they are safely stowed away and well protected.


With all the buttons and compartments, are you wondering where to put what? We'll enlighten you.

The best way to store your rings is on the leather strap shown above. After you have "threaded" your rings, you can attach and close the loop with a button.

You can attach earrings and ear studs to the leather element with holes. Huggies or small hoops are also suitable for hanging here. Longer studs are best protected from tangling if you place them in the second row of holes and then additionally secure them with one of the bottom buttons.
The part drawn above is intended for clamping bracelets and ankle chains so that they can be safely accommodated on the go.

You can clamp your necklaces (including chain pendants) in the middle part of the travel case. In addition, a flap that can be opened and closed protects your longer necklaces from falling out or you can thread them twice.

Use the "secret compartment" for larger pieces of jewelry, such as bracelets or other personal items that you don't want to lose. You will find an additional suede pouch in which you can store small, valuable pieces of jewelery such as ear cuffs.


The Jewelery Travel Case is made of certified, high-quality suede that comes from Italy. It is produced in a small, Czech manufactory, which is only run by women and who love their craft, because every rivet is sewn onto the travel case by hand. The leather is provided with a special coating for bags.


Since suede is very sensitive, it is advisable to use a special suede protection spray to protect the bag from stains or fading. Avoid any contact with water or liquids. Use a suede brush to remove any marks or indentations on the surface.


Your jewelery is ideally protected with our Jewelery Travel Case while you are travelling. In the long run, however, they love being able to breathe. We would therefore like to advise you to store your jewelery in our travel case only temporarily and to put it back in the jewelery boxes provided for this purpose, preferably lined with velvet or foam, when you return. Because that's where they feel most comfortable.

We hope you enjoy organizing your jewelery in our Jewelery Travel Case & wish you a pleasant journey!