Die Sternzeichen und ihre Bedeutung

The zodiac signs and their meaning

What could be a more beautiful talisman than your own zodiac sign ?
A personal piece of jewelry that can accompany you for a lifetime - and always makes a great gift! There are few things more precious than wearing an emotionally significant chain around your neck, especially one from the stars!

Matching your zodiac necklace , you will receive a high-quality life motto card from us in tarot card format, which provides you with information about the typical character traits and the mantra of the respective zodiac sign. Ideal for collectors.

If you are now wondering what is being said about your zodiac sign, you can read about it below:

January - Capricorn (22.12. - 20.01.):

The typical Capricorn is characterized by its dutiful, ambitious, imaginative and patient nature. Focused and persevering, you pursue your goal and know exactly what you want! Hats off! Success is important to the zodiac sign and it is safe to say that Capricorns have both feet firmly planted in life. 

Motto: "We are what we think. Don't be shy and always think positively."

February - Aquarius (01/21 - 02/19):

The typical Aquarius is characterized by his creative, freedom-loving and entertaining nature. Aquarians love the extraordinary and are very sociable and socially minded. So it is not difficult for them to make contacts. Through their creative nature, they always bring a breath of fresh air into the lives of their fellow human beings.

Motto: "Follow your heart and go your way."

March - Pisces (02/20 - 03/20):

The typical Pisces is sensitive, sensitive, generous and always willing to help. This also explains why people with this zodiac sign can always show a large circle of friends, because your fellow human beings appreciate your empathy. The intense emotional life gives you a good intuition that you can rely on.

Motto: "Open your heart and believe in yourself."

April - Aries (03/21 - 04/20):

The typical Aries is characterized by its extroverted, uncomplicated, passionate and self-confident nature. As an Aries you are full of energy and your assertiveness makes you a real fighter.

Motto: Appreciate your strength to accomplish anything you set your mind to.

May - Taurus (21.04. - 20.05.):

Taurus people are characterized by a warm, conscientious, loyal and security-oriented character. Taurus people love to provide and care for others. They do this in a rational and intuitive manner and like to take on responsibility. Honesty at all levels is particularly important to them.

Motto: "Be confident and trust what is."

June - Gemini (05/21 - 06/21):

Geminis are characterized by a lively, cheerful, communicative and curious nature. People with this zodiac sign always need variety and want to experience as many things as possible. Geminis also like to be the center of attention and entertain their fellow human beings with exemplary ease.

Motto: "Draw your awareness to the here and now and be open to the positive in your life."

July - Cancer (22.06. - 22.07.):

The typical Cancer is characterized by an amiable, caring, security-loving and goal-oriented nature. Cancers are also considered emotional and are very sensitive and vulnerable despite their "hard shell". Cancers appreciate the intensive relationship with fellow human beings in whom they can confide and reveal themselves. Cancer-born people are good listeners and always have the right advice ready for every situation.

Motto: "Overcome your fears and worries with your inherent wisdom."

August - Leo (07/23 - 08/23):

Like its namesake, Leos are bold, confident, proud, and protective. Leos have a great love of design and are therefore very creative. People born in this zodiac sign set high standards for themselves and others. Leos treat those around them with a great deal of generosity, loyalty and warmth.

Motto: "Create from your strong will and find in the hearts of others."

September - Virgo (08/24 - 09/23):

People born in the zodiac sign Virgo are characterized by a hard-working, orderly, dutiful and reliable character. Always open and honest, they attach great importance to structure and details. With their wealth of knowledge, Virgos always have a plan B in store and see through situations faster than their fellow human beings.

Motto: "Trust your intellect and be sure that the right thing is happening in your life."

October - Libra (09/24 - 10/23):

Libras are characterized by a sensitive, balanced, harmonious and considerate nature. They don't like to be alone, only in the presence of other people do they really blossom. Libras have a strong sense of justice, which makes them ideal mediators. Just making decisions is not always easy for Libras. In addition, Libras are aesthetic and love everything aesthetic.

Motto: "Your happiness grows on the happiness of others. Respect your own wishes and feelings."

November - Scorpio (10/24 - 11/22):

Scorpios are mysterious, instinctive, self-critical and committed. They are characterized by a profound nature and can not only keep their own secrets, but also those of their fellow human beings. In addition, people with the zodiac sign Scorpio are great emotional people, good observers and sharp thinkers.

Motto: "You have your life in your own hands and don't do things by halves: Either completely or not at all."

December - Sagittarius (11/23 - 12/21):

Sagittarius-born people are characterized by a sincere, inspiring, enthusiastic and truth-loving character. People around you appreciate Sagittarius because of their strong imagination and solution orientation. Sagittarians target targets and want to improve things. The zodiac sign is extremely enterprising and optimistic and thus also inspires others.

Motto: "I have my goal in mind and achieve it with a positive attitude."

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