Der Siegelring – ein historisches Schmuckstück feiert sein Revival

The signet ring – a historical piece of jewelery is celebrating its revival

When you think of a signet ring, you probably initially have the image of a ostentatious piece of jewelry on a chunky man's hand in mind. In this blog post, we would like to show you that the signet ring can be a cherished piece of jewelery with personal meaning and a statement effect, as well as a real combination talent when it comes to ring stacking.

In the past, the signet ring was considered a status symbol and a distinguishing feature of the upper class. Originally, this was reserved for the nobility, who displayed the family crest on the signet rings and used them to seal letters and documents.

The seal of the ring was pressed into hot wax and then placed on the important document to be sealed. Letter rolls with a wax seal always suggested authenticity.

In the Middle Ages, the signet ring proved to be a piece of jewelry of power, because those who owned a family coat of arms proudly wore it on their ring.

Anyone who still wears a signet ring with a family crest signals outward awareness of their origin and family history, since these special pieces of jewelery are always linked to history.

The signet ring is still widespread today at American universities, where the ring with the coat of arms or logo of the educational institution acts as a graduation ring.

In the 1980s, the original meaning of the signet ring was transformed a little, as the hip-hop scene discovered it as a status symbol and deliberately combined it with other heavy gold chains in an overloaded manner. The signet ring has always been worn by men.

But it would be a shame to leave signet rings as a prestigious object for the upper class to only see them worn on men's hands. For some time now, we women have also been enjoying the unique pieces that can be provided with a personal message and have thus become a piece of jewelery with a high personal value.

It doesn't matter whether it's your own initials or those of a loved one, a date you always want to remember, an abbreviation that is important to you or a word that describes you or makes up your mantra - there are no limits to creativity when it comes to it what message you want to convey to the world on your signet ring. It's time to create your own unique piece with history.

The signet ring was traditionally worn on the little finger, later also on the ring finger and in such a way that the other person can see the writing or the logo and not in the direction of the wearer. But in the meantime the signet ring has become an all-round talent that we wear happily and depending on our mood on a wide variety of fingers.

And even if the signet ring attracts a lot of attention, it can still be easily combined with filigree individual pieces and does not necessarily have to remain alone. We show you our favorite combos in four different styles and hope to give you ideas and inspiration for your ring look to your personal piece of jewelry with meaning and history.