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Chain Pendants

Show who you really are with an individual, handmade pendant from eve's JEWEL.

Show who you really are with an individual, handmade pendant from eve's JEWEL.

Necklace with pendant

Simple, elegant, individual: A necklace with a pendant subtly draws the focus to a sparkling detail that you hold close to your heart.

Jewelry pendants that underline your true self

Show your personality ♡ Show the world who you are with pendants from eve's JEWEL. Wear your necklaces with pendants and mix and match what suits you best and suits you the most. This is how your jewelry becomes a sparkling part of you...

  • Jewelry pendant with stones Jewelry pendants with your birthstone are something very special. Because your personal birthstone gives you strength, supports your positive qualities and radiates like its wearer.
  • heart pendant Whether as a sweet, small eye-catcher or as a medallion: With a heart pendant you always carry a visible sign of love with you.
  • Personalized Pendant Jewelery as individual as you: With an engraved pendant, you are wearing a personal message of love or a positive motto in life around your neck. Do you always want your loved ones close to you? Have your most beautiful photo protected safely and elegantly by a locket.
  • letter pendant Whether plain or encrusted with jewels, letter charms with your initials or the initials of a loved one are meaningful little eye-catchers that can be beautifully combined with other charms or work on their own.
  • pearl pendant Shiny, shimmery, pearly: romantic individualists will love our simple pearl pendants. Because they are not only the epitome of classic elegance. Because each of our freshwater pearls is naturally grown, none is alike. They are individual like you!
  • Zodiac pendant We are all made of stardust... Wear your zodiac sign pendant around your neck to remind yourself that the energy of the universe and good stars is always around you.
  • Gold pendant and silver pendant Romantic, edgy, cheeky or cute: Our unique 925 sterling silver pendants are hand-finished in gold or silver. That way, you never have to restrict your style: simply choose the material you like best for each pendant