exchange and return


Should it happen that a piece of jewelry does not quite meet your taste and you prefer another eve's JEWEL piece, there is also the option of exchanging it. It is important that you notify us within the 14-day exchange period of your exchange request using the exchange form and tell us which jewelery you have chosen instead. If you're not quite sure which pieces of jewelry to choose instead, or if you're unsure, don't hesitate to pester us with questions. Of course we are happy to advise you. Then we ask you to return the unworn and undamaged piece of jewelery to us in the original packaging. If you put a note in your package asking for an exchange, we can process your order faster.

If you are 100% sure that you do not want to keep the jewelery from your order, we think that is a pity, but we will of course accept your return request without giving reasons, as long as the 14-day return period after receipt of the order has not yet expired and the piece of jewelery shows no signs of wear. You are also welcome to fill out our return form in this situation and we will explain the further procedure to you. Make sure that you pack the jewelry well and send it back to us in the original packaging so that it gets back to us safely. Please make sure that the jewelry boxes are wrapped in the patterned tissue paper again so that they remain well protected and we can continue to use them.
As soon as the return package has reached our office and we have carried out a quality check, you will receive the money for your order back.

Please note that we only take back jewelry that has been returned to us in perfect condition, for example chains should be placed in the foam slots provided in the eve's box, otherwise they will get tangled up in the shipping and we will then no longer be able to sell them able to offer. Thanks for your understanding!
The processing of your return or your exchange package can take up to 10 working days after receipt of the return package.

Important notes :

    • Personalized jewelry (14K solid gold, engraved jewelry, name necklaces, arm and ankle chains, birthstone rings) cannot be exchanged or returned.
    • Please note that products from the sale range and the X-MAS box are also excluded from the right of exchange and return.
    • Please note that the shipping costs for exchange or return packages are to be borne by yourself.
    • In the event of a return, the shipping costs will be charged by Klarna.
    • We cannot accept packages sent by “recipient pays shipping” and they will be automatically returned to the sender.
    • In the pre-Christmas period , the exchange or return period is extended to 30 days .

Ordering ritual:

Please choose your jewelry with care, feeling & heart!
eve's JEWEL stands for making each piece of jewelery by hand with great attention to detail, in order to give every customer a special treat with her personal jewel. It would really be a shame if you ordered a lot of jewelery to "try on" and then sent most of it back to us. Unfortunately, this thoughtless ordering ritual is not compatible with our corporate philosophy and in the long run would force us to give up the personal, handmade production of the jewelry. Of course we don't want that and we hope you appreciate the individual value of your unique eve's JEWEL.